Life at DSA

Commitment to Employees

We are an employee-owned, mission-driven organization that is united by our commitment to excellence. We listen generously to our employee-owner voices. We encourage each individual to “speak straight” and honestly in ways that enable progress. We are relentless about improvement and committed to working with all employees to continuously innovate.

We provide opportunities for career development, a work environment that embraces equity, diversity, and inclusion and one that works in harmony with our customers. We celebrate their successes and their contributions.

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DSA's commitment to employees


Citizenship & Community at DSA

Build. Give. Grow.

At DSA, caring for our communities is a fundamental by which we live. Whether leading efforts to build a STEM educated workforce of the future or by contributing resources to support our military, we understand the importance of giving back. We actively participate in the following organizations:

  • American Red Cross
  • Cell Phones for Soldiers
  • Fisher House
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
  • Special Olympics
  • TechGirlz
  • Toys for Tots
  • Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)
  • Walk for Wishes
  • Wounded Warrior Project
citizenship and community at DSA
AFCEA AmericanRedCross cell_phones_for_soliders FisherHouse HabitatforHumanityNetwork for Teaching EntrepreneurshipSpecial OlympicsTechGirlz ToysforTots TragedyAssistanceProgramforSurvivors(TAPS) WalkforWishes WoundedWarriorProject
Employee Experiences

Meet DSA’s Employee-Owners.

At DSA, our employees think and act like the owners they are. Read why our employees join the DSA team.

Francesca B.
Francesca B.
Data Analyst

MEET Francesca B.

Michelle L.
Michelle L.
Service Desk Representative

MEET Michelle L.

Sanjeev I.
Sanjeev I.
Senior Acquisition Consultant

MEET Sanjeev I.



Our secret to success is our team.

At DSA, each team member is an owner in our 100% employee-owned company. As owners, each of us is dedicated to bringing a high-energy approach to our work. DSA supports Professional Development with education and training resources. DSA also recognizes the value of professional memberships and external support systems. Memberships to these organizations can provide formal coaching or mentoring relationships with experienced experts who can provide valuable insights and guidance to our employees to advance in their career progression. From receiving certification awards and tuition reimbursement to our lunch and learn, we find fulfillment in lifting one another higher and bringing that expertise to our customers.

An example of DSA’s work culture is our DSA’s Got Talent program. In a largely remote work environment, we started our DSA’s Got Talent meet-ups to remain connected with one another and learn something new while also having a little fun! It has been a great experience to learn more about each other and to discover that our team is rich with talents including jewelry-makers, artists, musicians, chefs, and soap-makers.


Innovate. Improve. Succeed.

Our team offers our customers a demonstrated commitment to excellence by upholding the superior standards we set for ourselves. We take pride in everything we do from the smallest tasks to the largest projects. Here are some of the ways we embody this commitment:

Above and Beyond

Aidan B., Operational Support Specialist

Deals with difficulties encountered by system users worldwide. He was contacted by the DSA customer because of his familiarity with an urgent issue and as the one most capable of providing the necessary support. His diligence enabled the execution of the mission without resorting to workarounds or unorthodox procedures.