Data Science

Q: Are you successfully capturing insights from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data to improve big data project outcomes?

A: Distill the data deluge to reduce costs, increase agility, and improve customer experience

DSA’s solutions extract insights from your past and present data that will allow you to embrace the future with qualitative predictions and become proactive rather than reactive. DSA applies advanced engineering models using analytical tools to improve the speed, quality, and predictive power of your data. Our solutions map the complex data ecosystems of internal and external data sources to seamlessly provide findable, searchable, transparent, managed, and secure data when and where your stakeholders need it.


Data Analytics

Q: Are you unable to maximize the value of your structured and unstructured data in support of organizational decision making?

A: Drive improved decision-making

Analytics can be difficult to scale as your organization and the amount of data it collects grows. We will analyze all elements of your business data and information and develop recommendations to assist leaders in achieving their performance objectives whether they are descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive, or predictive. DSA engineers apply a condition-based approach to identify and analyze the patterns and relationships in data to find those critical operational insights that deliver transformational outcomes.

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Data Engineering

Q: Are you overwhelmed with the volume and variety of data that is hindering accessibility and ease of use for mission owners and product managers?

A: Enable the workforce to make data more meaningful

Organizations need both Data Scientists and engineering processes to harvest data and deliver practical applications to improve organizational outcomes. DSA’s Data Engineering Practice will focus on managing and collating your various data sources and will place your precious data into functional assets. Our skilled Data Scientists and Analysts will then enable you to transform this organized data into actionable items you can use to make informed, data-driven decisions.

data engineering


Data Visualization

Q: Do your organizations have a way to visually interpret the data collected through automated information analysis to identify trends?

A: Provide the tools to tell a compelling story

Your decision makers need real-time data to make informed critical decisions. Our data engineering solutions provide access to disparate data and simplifies the complex, allowing your users to quickly visualize data, make sense of data, and achieve performance objectives.

data visualization


Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Q: Are you prepared to use AI/ML to coordinate data delivery, analyze trends, develop data consistency, provide forecasts, and quantify uncertainties impacting your organization? 

A: Bring AI/ML smart decision making to optimize your mission operations

Based on your current data, do you know what is likely to happen and what you can do to change or enhance the outcome? With the exponential growth of data, DSA provides AI/ML solutions focused on understanding trends in system and asset performance. DSA will integrate your large data sets of IT systems, control systems, SCADA, and open-source information to identify patterns of system performance, user behavior, anomalous behavior, risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities for optimization of performance. Our solutions are custom designed to forecast, help find trends, recognize patterns, and identify potential causes.

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