Enterprise Information Technology

Q: How can you balance innovation and mission performance with robust cybersecurity to deploy IT systems to the enterprise while enhancing the overall business value to the organization?

A: Deliver IT Solutions for productivity and flexibility

Our Enterprise IT Managers, engineers, developers, and consultants will assist your organization in executing your strategic plan to transform the management of IT and maximize business value. Our experienced engineers and Developers deliver and sustain enterprise-level IT solutions by applying industry standard processes using the latest tools and technology to transform your enterprise.



Q: Are rapid changes in technology and the ever-increasing complexity of requirement outpacing your ability to meet growing customer demands?

A: Replace outdated applications and delivery processes with secure, low-code solutions using DevSecOps to automate and provide secure software delivery

Our optimized approach to development will deliver to your organization the highest quality software. We achieve high degrees of customer satisfaction by shortening the development and time to deployment. We shift cybersecurity to the left in development, foster innovation through agile continuous incremental improvement, and achieve higher quality through continuous process improvement.


Q: No single cloud provider has all the answers to your future computing needs. How can you take advantage of the best cloud solutions to optimize your system performance?

A: Navigate the technological hurdles to cloud service adoption and integration by working with DSA to define the path to greater scalability, reliability, interoperability, and agility

DSA’s cloud computing solutions and services address infrastructure and personnel skill hurdles that previously limited cloud adoption. By assessing your data, information on your architectures, and knowledge of your business goals, DSA provides decision makers with quantitative facts to make informed decisions on their cloud journey. DSA utilizes modern infrastructure and managed services available through the cloud to enable you to plan, execute, adapt, and protect your critical mission capabilities.



Information Management

Q: Are you overwhelmed with the amount of data your organization produces and your ability to maintain it, secure it, and produce insights that help support your mission?

A: Improve quality, context, analysis, and sharing of information to drive operational efficiencies

DSA provides full content Information Management solutions based upon integrated, elastic, and scalable architectures that collect data from physical and electronic mediums. We will build your organizational processes and systems to manage, preserve, store, and deliver information securely to the end user.

information management



Q: Are you realizing that “buying” CI/CD pipeline tools doesn’t result in DevSecOps?

A: Foster a culture of maturity that integrates continuous assessment, improvement, adaptive tools, and a security focus that will deliver the benefits of DevSecOps

DSA’s Agile DevSecOps framework emphasizes process maturity, collaboration, communication, and automation. It will enable your organization to incrementally replace current processes with an intelligent delivery model by implementing the key pillars of DevSecOps -process, technology, culture, and governance - that will deliver new software and services at agile speed with enhanced security throughout all phases of the lifecycle.



Digital Transformation

Q: Are you missing opportunities for positive change given reduced budgets?

A: Create new delivery models to drive efficiency and improve customer experience

DSA will help you capitalize on transforming people, processes, and technologies with our Digital Transformation workshops and opportunity assessments to implement Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). DSA implements performance, cloud, application, and customer experience solutions using business process reengineering platforms, robotic process automation, technology business management principles, and MBSE to enable your evolution to a highly performing organization.

digital transformation