Mission Support

Q: How do you ensure the delivery of current services while fulfilling the constantly evolving future needs of your customers?

A: Implement solutions and services to streamline your operations

Whether your mission is to provide support to the warfighter or improve management of your processes, DSA’s experts have your back by providing you with the business processes and technologies to get the job done. Through our mission support services, we provide effective and efficient organizational support to achieve your mission objectives.


SETA:  Systems Engineering Technical Assistance

Q: How will your organizational strategy assist you in meeting your customer’s vision with a positive experience given frequently changing needs and demands that impact mission focus?

A: Maximize efficiency and minimize costs

DSA will improve the delivery of systems and solutions to your customers. We will work closely with government product owners and commercial contractors to provide analysis and engineering services to facilitate program execution and product delivery. DSA will improve your efficiency by consolidating and implementing the correct structure and processes using technology to optimize architectures, cost, and programmatic operations.

SETA:  Systems Engineering Technical Assistance
Program Management Services

Q: Are you challenged with execution due to lack of communication, resources, and knowledge to improve cost, schedule, and performance?

A: Execute an effective plan to achieve your program’s objectives

Being mission driven, DSA begins with the end goal in mind. We will transform your organization through efficiency and optimized program management execution driven by our PMP-certified Project Managers. We implement project management ITIL and ISO processes, data, systems, and performance measures to identify opportunities for project optimization.

program management services


Logistics and Supply Chain Management Solutions

Q: Are your logistics and supply chains built to adapt to the dynamic changes industry and government face today?

A: Leverage the people, processes, and tools to build resilient logistics and supply chains that transforms your organization

DSA delivers mission critical supply chain management solutions to assist the DoD and Federal-Civilian agencies to optimize supply chain security and resilience and to meet the challenges of global operations. Our services and solutions experts will empower your enterprise with data-driven supply chain insights, processes, and technology to transform your ability to adapt to future challenges.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Solutions


Operations and Service Desk Solutions

Q: Are you missing performance objectives due to service outages and long resolution time for recurring issues?

A: Implement smart ITSM to improve performance and reduce organizational operational cost

DSA will implement innovative IT Service Management, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, and BOT solutions to provide the plan, design, delivery, and operational controls of the systems and services supporting your stakeholders. Our solutions enable ITIL service areas, process automation, and advanced machine learning to intelligently support your stakeholders, resulting in resilient system operations and customer experience that exceed performance objectives and quality standards. We focus on the end customer experience that will deliver optimized services resulting in increased mission responsiveness and improved value.

Operations and Service Desk Solutions


Training Operations and Systems

Q: Are your learning management processes and systems unable to keep up with an evolving, data-driven workforce?

A: Boost content creation, delivery capability, and learner engagement with a flexible, effective, and balanced training program

People require different learning approaches and DSA offers a variety of training methods to match learning styles. Because learning extends beyond the classroom, DSA offers web-based training packages, interactive multimedia training videos, and published content to support multiple learning modalities. DSA’s training operations and systems empower organizations to leverage tools and plug-ins that provide intuitive course creation, innovative training delivery options, and robust reporting tools.

Training Operations and Systems
Cybersecurity Solutions

Q: Does the protection of your infrastructure and mission critical systems and capabilities keep you up at night?

A: Ensure a secure environment and a safe mission

As cyber threats continue to evolve, it is imperative to keep attackers at bay. Simply supporting functional and user requirements is not enough. DSA’s full lifecycle cybersecurity program services will assist your organization in implementing and sustaining an effective cybersecurity policy, controls, and systems as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity framework that meets RMF requirements, is NIST compliant, that utilizes industry leading cybersecurity tools, and is delivered by certified Security Experts.

Cybersecurity Solutions