Critical Infrastructure

DSA’s WatchPost solutions integrate your facility systems to one platform, providing secure and remote access to your facility operational data. With a 24/7 monitoring service, the WatchPost framework uses logic-based rules and machine learning to identify opportunities to improve multi-building efficiencies and energy management of your critical infrastructure.


Q: Are you missing opportunities to improve critical infrastructure and asset operational performance, resiliency, and security?

A: Reduce the risk profile of critical infrastructure and asset operations while simultaneously deploying analytics to improve the performance and reliability of physical assets and systems

DSA extracts operational intelligence from structured, unstructured data, and our information management experience to synthesize new knowledge via statistics, data analysis, and scientific methods. Our tools and processes leverage both knowledge of critical infrastructure domains and our expertise in data science and statistics to assist your organization in managing the exponentially growing amounts of operational, financial, and cybersecurity data, while uncovering meaningful opportunities to improve asset utilization and operational resiliency.


Operational Asset Analytics

Q: Do you have real-time situational awareness of the performance of your most critical assets?

A: Drive improved decision-making

Analytics can be difficult to scale as your organization and the amount of data it collects grows. We will analyze all elements of your business data and information and develop recommendations to assist leaders in achieving their performance objectives whether they are descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive, or predictive. DSA's engineers apply a condition-based approach to identify and analyze the patterns and relationships in data to find those critical operational insights that deliver transformational outcomes.

operational asset analytics


Smart & Secure Campus Operations

Q: Is data-driven decision-making to become more resilient and efficient a critical component of your business process?

A: Derive benefits from linking additional data streams and producing exponentially more usable information to support data-driven decision making

To address the challenges associated with fragmented operational technology and IT systems, DSA developed a framework that securely centralizes operational and business information in one system to empower facilities and utilities organizations. The DSA framework incorporates a critical, and often overlooked, aspect of campus operations: cybersecurity. Our approach leverages DSA intellectual property alongside best-in-class software applications to deliver campus-wide situational awareness and operational intelligence.

smart and secure campus operations


Industrial Control System Cybersecurity

Q: Is your organization exposed to risks due to the convergence of operational technology and IT bridging networks?

A: Protect mission critical systems with Industrial Control System cybersecurity and a continuous vulnerability management framework

To ensure the connection of various systems across different networks does not increase an organization’s risk profile, DSA performs physical security assessments, penetration testing, and continuous vulnerability management. Our approach leverages DSA intellectual property alongside best-in-class software applications to deliver holistic cybersecurity situational awareness. Our suite of cybersecurity solutions addresses all aspects of Industrial Control System cybersecurity that includes:

  • Physical security and asset inventory
  • Unidirectional gateways and demilitarized zones
  • Firewalls and whitelisting
  • Breach detection and incident management
Industrial Control System Cybersecurity


Intelligent Buildings

Q: Do your Facility Managers struggle with changing conditions in data-driven environments to forecast demand-side needs and address supply-side constraints?

A: Implement a comprehensive framework that encompasses hardware, software, and advanced analytics to deliver energy efficiency, load shifting, and load shedding capabilities

DSA leverages the OSIsoft PI System as the central operational data warehouse. The PI System has an extensive array of purpose-built interfaces that connect databases and collect data from specific assets such as generators and variable speed drives, using standard protocols such as BACnet or Modbus. We will deploy the grid-interactive solution with cloud-based analytics to continuously monitor your environmental conditions, the operational performance of each building system, and the readiness of all distributed generation assets to provide real-time situational awareness.

Intelligent Buildings