DSA Delivers Transformational Solutions to Ever-Green Energy to Improve Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Facilities and Utilities Operations

DSA Delivers Transform…

Data Systems Analysts, Inc. (DSA), an employee-owned professional services provider delivering secure, innovative technology and information management solutions, announced successful implementation of several solutions for Intelligent Maintenance Analytics, Campus Energy Management, and Critical Infrastructure Protection Risk and Vulnerability Management in support of Ever-Green Energy at the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC).

The solutions are all data-driven and aim to improve the resilience of multi-building campus utilities’ systems, extend equipment lifetimes, and reduce energy consumption in a secure environment. As part of Ever-Green Energy’s strategy to reduce MRMC total cost of ownership for maintenance of critical infrastructure and increase availability of utility supply to the six healthcare institutions that make up MRMC, DSA deployed our PI System Monitoring (PSM) solution powered by OSIsoft PI and our Critical Infrastructure Protection Risk and Vulnerability Management Platform powered by RiskSense. These solutions provide comprehensive system performance and security vulnerability management situational awareness to Ever-Green Energy and MRMC leadership. DSA Practice Lead, Dr. Eoin O’Driscoll, weighed in on the benefits MRMC is deriving from this effort. “Our solution is an important tool that has supported Ever-Green Energy by increasing the reliability of utility service to the six healthcare facilities on campus to 100%. Additionally, our PI System-based applications support condition-based asset maintenance, which will drive improved labor efficiency.

Fran Pierce, DSA’s Chairman and CEO noted, “In partnership with Ever-Green Energy, DSA continues to expand intelligent solutions in a secure environment to the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center institutions. We are proud that our data-driven solutions enable MRMC to effectively manage costs and reduce energy consumption.”

“DSA has been a valuable partner for Ever-Green Energy as we have expanded our PI System deployment to include advanced analytics, equipment performance monitoring, and optimized asset dispatch,” stated Rory Peters, General Manager at Ever-Green Energy. “DSA’s PI System Monitoring (PSM) application has been particularly valuable to Ever-Green Energy. With PSM, our PI System is more reliable which improves our ability to efficiently deliver utilities to the MRMC campus of healthcare facilities. I have appreciated the collaboration and guidance from DSA as we have implemented solutions which place our PI system at the leading edge of our industry while ensuring the reliability and security it requires.”

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