Smart & Secure Campus Operations

Challenge. In campus settings, a wide range of facilities, utilities, and business systems are required to provide safe, comfortable, and compliant environments. These systems are functional; however, they are often highly customized and not integrated. As organizations look to become more resilient and improve efficiency, data-driven decision-making is now a critical component of the business process. The integration of these isolated systems into a central location creates significant value and insights. That value is derived from linking additional data streams and producing exponentially more usable information to support data-driven decision making.

The DSA Solution. To address the challenges associated with fragmented Operational Technology (OT) and IT systems, DSA has developed a framework that securely centralizes the operational and business information in one system to empower facilities and utilities organizations. Importantly, the DSA framework incorporates a critical, and often overlooked, aspect of campus operations: cybersecurity. Our approach leverages DSA intellectual property alongside best-in-class software applications to deliver campus-wide situational awareness and operational intelligence.

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