Software Design and Development

Utilize traditional and agile software designs for today’s dynamic environments.

Complex systems, changing requirements, and dynamic environments require robust, secure, scalable, and responsive applications in real-time operations. Scalable software designs in an open source framework are required to meet these requirements.

DSA provides software development services using traditional and Agile software development frameworks. DSA employs the use of scrum to support our customers with requirements for large development efforts and a rapid software development life cycle. 

Through the scrum methodology, DSA delivers the highest-value features first and avoids cost on features that are not used or provide minimum benefit. Our methodologies shorten development time, increase operational efficiencies, foster innovation through continuous incremental improvement, achieve higher quality through continual inspection and adaptation, and achieve higher degrees of customer satisfaction, given the focus on the customer interaction during the process.

Our primary objective is to place you, the customer, at the forefront of all related decision points and maximize exposure with the customer throughout the entire process.