DTIC IAC MAC (PRIME) is a Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Task Order Contract (MA IDIQ) that consolidates the legacy Cybersecurity, Defense Systems, and Homeland Defense Technical Area Task (TAT) IDIQ contracts (CS TAT, DS TAT, and HD TAT) into a single IDIQ. Consolidation saves money and reduces overlap among firms.

DSA Contract: FA807518D0023
NAICS:  541715 (< 1000 employees)
Contract Types: CPFF, FFP, FFP/LOE (90+% CPFF)
Ceiling:  $28 billion
PoP:  Sep 2018 – Mar 2028
5-Year Addition:  TO PoP can go to Mar 2033
Usage Fee:  1%
#SB Primes:  10

Sponsor: Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)
Contracting Agency: AFICA/KD, Offutt AFB, NE
Users: Primarily DOD, but open to all federal agencies with R&D funding
Scope: RDT&E and R&D related Advisory & Assistance Services. Provides advanced research and analysis to the DoD Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) and Acquisition communities.
Open to both CONUS and OCONUS performance
No limitations on ODCs
Cost Reimbursable material can include a profit or fee
No rates or price lists for fair opportunity solicitations
Accepts all clearance types
Prime Contractor Facility Clearance: Top Secret
Time to Award: 6-7 months average from initial preparation of requirement package to contract award; can be accelerated (pending funding and priorities)

Key IAC MAC Advantages:

The IAC MAC contract covers the entire scope of the previous TAT IDIQs through three separate Award Pools:

Pool 1: Unrestricted: 22 scope areas over $15M
Pool 2: Small Business (DSA’s Contract): 22 scope areas with IGCE under $15M
Pool 3: CBRN-related: 1 scope area only (CBRN Defense task orders that require CBRN laboratory or facility)

Why Choose DSA Inc. as your DTIC IAC MAC Contractor?

DSA is DTIC’s partner in promoting the IAC MAC IDIQ as a valuable contract vehicle in building the body of knowledge that resides in the DTIC library that government agencies can draw on to support development of new systems that will enhance the warfighting capabilities of the Nation’s Armed Forces. Against this backdrop, DSA’s Marketing Plan emphasizes the following four major elements: 1) Identify the target customer audience (e.g., IAC MAC “clients”); 2) Develop and continually refine the marketing message; and 3) Engage current and future industry partners to market the IAC MAC IDIQ; and 4) Using various media, educate government customers on scope, processes, and advantages of the IAC MAC IDIQ as a beneficial contract option for their requirements. To plan and implement its IAC MAC Marketing Plan, DSA will build on its 55 years of experience as a prime contractor in managing, executing, and marketing government IDIQ contracts. The effectiveness of our approach to marketing IDIQs is highlighted by DSA being the top performing Small Business Prime (under NAICS Code 541712, <1000 employees)) under the ENCORE II IDIQ, with 32 Task Order (TOs) awards to date.

Government users of IAC MAC can include the following: DoD components and other U.S. Government agencies and departments and their contractors, state and local Governments, Industry, Academia and other institutions, international organizations in which the U.S. Government is a member or participant, and Foreign Governments or foreign military organizations with which the United States or DoD has international agreements for military or related operations and/or provides military assistance and sales.

DoD DTIC IAC MAC IDIQ provides customers Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) and other Research and Development (R&D) related analytical services across 23 technical areas critical to current defense needs.