Encore IITask Area 10 - Test and Evaluation (T&E)

Technical Tasks 

The contractor shall provide technical support for early operational assessments, developmental testing, operational testing, and evaluation of IT systems.  The nature of the Testing Directorate (TE) mission is all- inclusive and the unique support requirements will be detailed in individual task orders.  Specific TE tasks include, but are not limited to:

General Support

  • Participating in readiness exercises
  • Staffing Hot line call centers
  • Publishing quarterly Lessons Learned Reports, reports on DoD interoperability, demonstration plans, guidebooks, data collection, reduction and distribution strategies, measures of effectiveness, measures of performance, and test scenarios
  • Managing trained, deployable support teams
  • Maintaining automated information repositories
  • Planning, configuring, operating, and maintaining test environments [Support Property Control Management]
  • Delivering products at any worldwide location
  • Assisting development of Strategic Management System components[:]
  • Generating Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)  
  • Documenting Roles & Responsibilities
  • Maintaining the Master Test Schedule
  • Generating Risk Assessments
  • Identifying performance measures
  • Generating Performance Metrics
  • Identifying end-to-end performance measures
  • Supporting Government integrated product teams
  • Supporting financial requirements[:]
  • Generating Missile Testing Range Facility Base proposal products
  • Cost Estimating
  • Supporting security, marketing, logistics, supply, distribution, and other services
  • Generating mission thread capabilities
  • Supporting pre-test readiness reviews
  • Supporting post-test assessment reviews 
  • Altering physical facilities as required of the test mission
  • Assisting NATO, allies and other Government agencies 
  • Providing acquisition recommendations

Development of Developmental, Operational, Interoperability, Conformance, or ‘Other’ Test Products

  • User requirements and testing criteria
  • Master Test and Evaluation Process
  • Test and Execution Master Plan (TEMP)
  • Objective(s)


  • Design of appropriate test and environment
  • Strategy 
  • Planning        
  • Entry & exit criteria
  • Test scenario and case generation Test scripting
  • Test automation generation
  • Conducting or executing laboratory testing 
  • Test reporting
  • Analysis and summary of test results
  • Test assessment and evaluation
  • Installation and configuration documentation validation
  • Perform Advanced Concepts Test Demonstrations (ACTD)   
  • Monitor testing performed by Service components
  • Training materials

Analytical Support

  • Analysis of acquisition documents
  • Analysis of test requirements
  • Production of Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • Analysis of available of test methods
  • Interface analyses
  • Development and management of the stimulation, modeling, and simulation programs 
  • Provision of hardware and software system engineering 
  • Production of Trend Analysis Matrix
  • Support of Future Capabilities, Standards, and Evaluation

Operational Assessment and Testing 

T&E efforts will require technical support for early operational assessments, development testing, and operational test and evaluation for IT systems.  These efforts will include the test and evaluation of prototype systems and services.

Applicable Documents 

Information regarding the Testing Directorate can be obtained from the following web sites: