Configuration Management

Control software changes, releases, and support with effective CM.

During the project life cycle, a program can change many times due to user demands, social economic impacts, or unforeseen requirements. A configuration management (CM) process is required to manage and evaluate proposed changes, track the status of changes, and establish a quality system to properly align all system interactions to include documentation. 

DSA designs CM solutions that are both robust and intuitive. Our solutions include the use of such open source products as Apache Subversion (SVN), a software versioning and revision control system to maintain current and historical versions of files such as source code, Web pages, and documentation. 

DSA’s CM solutions provide the needed procedures and processes in place to create an overarching CM strategy that is harmonized with program goals and objectives. Our CM solutions ensure that key aspects of CM including planning, identification, control, reporting, and verification and audits are in place, which collectively provides the needed quality to ensure program success.