Systems Engineering

Achieve interoperability with integrated systems that support your mission.

Over time, many organizations have implemented systems with different architectures and operating systems. They have used a variety of technologies spanning several physical environments leading to data and workload redundancies, higher maintenance costs and lack of efficiency in the use of organizational data and processes. 

DSA provides solutions to bring together different computing systems and software applications, physically or functionally, to perform holistically. DSA provides processes, methodologies, and tools that enable customers to fully integrate systems vertically and horizontally, resulting in the ability to more rapidly and efficiently support both business and mission system requirements. DSA approaches systems engineering and integration in a phased methodology that can be executed in a serial or parallel manner. 

DSA improves efficiency through consolidating and implementing the correct tools, structure, and processes to support optimal data management. We minimize development costs by customizing less-expensive off-the-shelf software to meet the unique needs of your organization. Often our solutions provide additional cost savings by allowing for continued use of legacy systems while capitalizing on the addition of innovative software. DSA solutions provide your organization the ability to be agile — allowing you to be proactive, with the ability to quickly and intelligently respond to changes in your environment.