Software Development

Achieve secure software delivery through an agile development framework.

Many organizations can automate routine tasks with the out-of-the-box capabilities of commercial off-the-shelf software. However, many organizations require solutions to specific challenges, to include changing processes, speeding up processes through automation, enhancing flexibility in processes, implementing standard data sharing throughout the organization, and replacing outdated applications. 

DSA provides proven leadership, skilled developers, and proven approaches to ensure the success of your software development initiatives. DSA uses proven techniques. We assign a project manager to meet with you and completely define the scope of the project. We ensure that from definition, we are addressing your business needs and goals. Development includes software and middleware development services using scrum and traditional software development life-cycle approaches. We conduct quality-assurance testing to ensure bug-free software. We provide training solutions to ensure effective use, and we offer help desk support for the new application. Our primary objective is to place the customer at the forefront of all related decision points and maximize exposure with the customer throughout the entire process. Our process ensures that technology solutions are built to meet the customer’s requirements, and that those requirements, tasks, and deliverables are thoroughly studied prior to starting development efforts. 

Our optimized approach to development delivers the highest-quality software. We strive to achieve higher degrees of customer satisfaction by shortening the development time, fostering innovation through continuous incremental improvement, and achieving higher quality through continuous process improvement.