SharePoint Solutions

Share, communicate, and collaborate securely beyond all borders with proven solutions built on Microsoft technology.

Business is about people and processes, as well as technology. DSA successfully delivers Microsoft SharePoint solutions — including intranets, extranets, websites, collaboration and social media solutions, content management, and flexible training to the DoD workforce and warfighters. These world-class solutions combine Lean Six Sigma process improvement and a proven Knowledge Management approach into the Program Management standard life cycle. 

We strive to streamline information technology investments to ensure workforce technology adoption. DSA solutions provide a consistent user experience, simplify everyday business activities, and help meet regulatory requirements. These solutions effectively manage and repurpose content, simplify access to business data, connect employees with information and expertise, accelerate shared business processes, allow sharing without releasing sensitive information, and provide a single, integrated platform. 

DSA focuses on the technical solution and ensuring that the solution is secure, effective, and enhances collaboration and innovation across the organization, thereby providing a positive impact on the mission.