Research, Studies, and Analysis

DSA designs and conducts research on complex topics supporting customer program evaluation, special studies, policy development, and similar work.  Expertise includes ISO 50001 audits, ASHRAE, studies and analysis of infrastructure resiliency, development of innovative energy efficiency calculators, and analysis of alternative studies.   With DSA’s support, our customers gain a deeper understanding of root cause, potential risks, and evidence-based options, avoiding “analysis paralysis.”  We help to improve policy alternatives, implement appropriate actions, and realize operational efficiencies.   Sample topics range from environmental change impacts to new technologies to energy efficiency. 

The DSA team enables our customers to get the “whole story” by choosing the most appropriate research methods.  We use structured interviews, targeted surveys, and other qualitative research tools to elicit information that informs our review of data trends and other quantitative information.   We assess and qualify research results to ensure that their impact meets the need and the customer has a clear line of sight to benefits.  

Our Research and Analytical Support practice include Quantitative and Qualitative Research, Analytics & Alternatives Analysis, Policy Analysis, and the preparation of reports and other documentation.