Data Tagging

Tag content with keywords and metadata to improve search and discovery. 

In today’s era of big data and multipurpose data stores, accurately tagging and identifying data is critical. The ability to tag and classify data increases operational efficiency in terms of system performance and storage usage. Streamlined and adequately tagged data facilitates leveraging well-managed data to support multiple applications increases processing efficiency, minimizes errors, and enhances data security. Effective data tagging enables customers to use a small number of data descriptors or themes to organize and optimize moderate to extremely large amounts of information. 

DSA combines data-tagging techniques with enterprise security practices and loss-prevention tools to assist customers with managing data. We deploy commercial tools to apply data tags and metadata components within large information repositories. The tools and security practices provide such security features as data at rest encryption, user authentication, and access controls coupled with data tagging and metadata tools to provide secure, highly optimized data-tagging solutions.  

We have designed and optimized data solutions for enterprise document management, SharePoint portals, and multiple knowledge management and information collaboration solutions. We will leverage our broad corporate experience, proven methodologies, and the best in breed of tools and security practices to solve your data-tagging and information integrity for both classified and non-classified requirements.