Data Cleansing

Eliminate corrupt and inaccurate data for increased optimization.

Poorly maintained data can lead to policy and procedural violations and increased data vulnerabilities. The application of proper data-cleansing techniques will remove corrupt or inaccurate data as well as unnecessary data. Cleansed and optimized data assists customers in complying with privacy and security requirements. Data cleansing will help to eliminate incorrect or inconsistent data that can lead to false conclusions and misdirected investments. 

DSA offers data cleansing as a key component of its data analytics service offering. We employ commercial and customized software tools to perform data-cleansing services on moderate- to large-scale data repositories and databases. We use the Active NavigationTM data analytics tool to normalize and cleanse unstructured data. Developed and commercial database analytics tools and custom developed scripting tools are used to cleanse and normalized structured data. Customer data is backed up onto a secure storage area network device, where it is cleansed and normalized. The cleansed and normalize data is then tagged and reintroduced into the customer’s operational environment. 

DSA will leverage software solutions experience in mission-critical sensitive and classified operations to ensure optimal data cleansing and information management services.