Business Intelligence

Provide data visualization to support rapid and accurate decision making.

In today’s world of big data and geographically dispersed enterprise functions, there is a constant need for rapidly visualizing and synthesizing large amounts of data. Effective decision making requires the use of tools and methods to quickly access and visualize large amounts of raw data. Rapidly accessed and synthesized data is essential to acquiring competitive intelligence, which is necessary for effective decision making. 

DSA has extensive experience in deploying tools, analyzing business intelligence requirements, and developing highly effective solutions for achieving customer business intelligence goals. We employ commercial tools and products along with customized software tools and methodologies to deliver customized business intelligence solutions. DSA-developed business intelligence solutions can be applied in both structured and unstructured environments to collect, correlate, and present dispersed enterprise data into multiple operation views. This diversified data-solution approach allows for the delivery of multiple views of data to support various management and decision-making requirements throughout various part of the customer’s enterprise.

DSA has a proven track record of developing secure business intelligence solutions for both Civilian and DoD customers in both unclassified and classified environments. Our customer-centric approach and use of commercially available and customized business intelligence tools enable us to support a wide range of business intelligence needs. DSA will leverage proven methodologies and best in breed of tools and security practices to solve your data integrity requirements and facilitate the effective use of data in support of data optimization, predictive modeling, forecasting, and statistical analysis objectives.