System Authorization Services

Utilize risk management and continuous system monitoring to promote system security.

Securing and managing systems and electronically stored information is critical to efficient operations. Early cyber and security risk identification and mediation are necessary to avoid business disruptions from internal and external security threats.  

DSA provides System Authorization Services that apply to all Federal systems and include a series of systematic processes and procedures. Our services include risk identification and mitigation, security testing, and continuous monitoring as key elements of the system authorization process.  

DSA offers a full complement of System Authorization and Cyber Security services. In addition to implementing and applying OMB 130, NIST, DoD, and U.S. Intelligence Community System Authorization guidelines, DSA provides a full suite of security services that support risk management and security protection. DSA provides System Authorization Services in the following key high-visibility cyber threat areas:

  • Risk Management and Risk Mitigation
  • Development of Systems Security Plans and Procedures
  • System Security Testing
  • Application Source Code Checking and Validation
  • Mobile Device Tracking and Access Privilege Management
  • Network Intrusion Detection and Risk Mitigation
  • Multifactor Authentication and User Access/Privilege Management 

DSA engineers combine cyber security experience with highly effective tools to defeat threats and mitigate risks. Implementation of application System Authorization Services will allow you to comply with Federal information security requirements and mitigate cyber security threats.