Cyber Security

Incorporate cyber security as a key ingredient to your organization’s success.

Today’s competitive high-tech landscape is full of threats and intrusions that may undermine an organization’s success. Cyber threats and security incidents are the silent enemies that can strike any organization without warning. While these threats can go unnoticed until they cause operational disasters, there is no single “silver bullet” cure for cyber and organizational security threats. 

DSA solutions provide the best defense for cyber and operational security threats by incorporating a comprehensive defense strategy that includes risk management, mature security practices and procedures, and appropriate application infrastructure protection tools and services. 

DSA is actively engaged in building and defending sensitive Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) infrastructure components. DSA’s cyber security offerings include an array of security-related products and services that provide Security Engineering and Architecture Design, System Authorization Services, and enterprise IT infrastructure protection services. 

DSA employs highly trained security professionals who are well versed in civilian, defense, and intelligence communities’ requirements. We apply this broad knowledge across our entire customer base. We develop and implement customized solutions and service offerings that include policies and procedures, infrastructure protecting equipment, and technical security services. 

This approach allows us to view security requirements from a broad perspective, which in turn provides customers with security services that mitigate unique domain and general cyber and operational security threats.