SMART - Department of State (DoS) Messaging and Archive Retrieval ToolSet

The purpose of the SMART project is to provide a fully modernized, secure, integrated and effective messaging system that supports the Department's mission and the national security community. SMART is a fully integrated, worldwide system replacing the full range of messaging systems in the Department of State today and will serve 46,500 State Department employees at 250 locations worldwide.


  • DSA supported the design and integration of the global messaging, email, and centralized document management system.
  • DSA was responsible for all security controls to include: Firewalls, Host and Network based Intrusion Detection; Anomaly Detection; Classified/Unclassified Message Routing; OS and Application Hardening; PKI Integration; Continuity of Operations; RBAC, Type-1 Encryption; AntiVirus; Patch Management
  • DSA provided Certification and Accreditation Services to include a Technical Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test of SMART.

The SMART system will:

  • Accommodate all types of messages and electronic documents.
  • Enable users to create and post e-Documents to a repository, which will then be available for searching, retrieval, and profiling.
  • Help the Department meet its goals of ensuring a modernized, secure, and high quality electronic document and messaging infrastructure that meets critical business requirements.