Encore IITask Area 11 - Asset Management

The contractor shall provide maintenance and support to control the entire asset life-cycle, from procurement to retirement, including applications, license agreements, IT systems and hardware, as well as IT support equipment such as video teleconferencing (VTC) operations.  The contractor will also provide asset inventory and asset tracking services that track the financial aspects of an asset, to include cost and depreciation as well as contract management aspects, including leases, maintenance agreements, and service contracts.

Software License Agreements  Manage software license agreements for leveraged suppliers, exploiting the agreement and optimizing software expenses, while remaining compliant with the agreement’s terms and conditions.  Support summary information to include the general terms and conditions, benefits, strategic and tactical directions, license ordering information, internal billing process, pricing and deployment and support of the products included in the agreement.  Respond to questions and issues from the internal customers and, as required, initiate the discussion of issues with the supplier.

Software License Agreement Negotiation  Support negotiation of software license agreements with suppliers to obtain favorable terms, conditions and pricing.

Software Direction Policies  Support procurement activities in the direction of software products identified as “approved” or “alternative” and advise which products have been identified as “avoid.”  Support organizations with the responsibility for determining the strategic use of software products.

Hardware Maintenance Agreements  Manage hardware maintenance agreements by soliciting bids from qualified hardware maintenance vendors to determine the lowest maintenance cost while avoiding diminished support and/or productivity.

Hardware Disposition  Support the disposition and disposal of assets to include the processing of lost/stolen/destroyed assets and lease expiration activities.

Demand Management (Order, Receive, Install, Track)  Support common practices for ordering assets, tracking orders and assets, and (for hardware/equipment) tagging the assets.  Interface at various organizational levels in order to support this task.

Application Installation, Operation and Maintenance  Support application installation, application operations, customer support, training, application maintenance, and sustainment and configuration control.  This includes the procurement of support for hardware and software licenses.