Encore IITask Area 1 - Enterprise IT Policy and Planning

This task area provides technical and programmatic support to assist departments and agencies with all aspects of planning, engineering, fielding and operating IT systems and resources.  It provides technical and programmatic support for review, analysis and coordination of processes, policy, doctrine, directives, regulations and implementation of instructions.  The contractor shall assist the government in performing the following:

Policy Review, consolidate and develop domestic, international and coalition policy in accordance with the user’s requirements.  Provide technical support and assistance to customer organizations and assess IT policies, standards, guidelines or procedures to ensure a balance of security and operational requirements.

Planning  Review, develop and consolidate strategic, tactical and operational plans, including requirements definition and mission planning.

Process Management  Review, re-engineer if required, and manage technical and business processes such as acquisition planning, financial reporting, engineering, solution fielding, strategic and operational planning, engineering, training, operations, and customer support.  Processes shall be in accordance with the user’s guidelines.

Program and Project Management Support  The contractor shall provide contract and task order management functions, including:

  • Management Planning  Prepare management plans at task/delivery order initiation.  These plans will describe the technical approach, organizational resources and management controls employed to meet the cost, performance and schedule requirements throughout the task order period of performance.
  • Task Order Management  Perform the daily activities required for successful program completion.  Examples of activities under this task area include management and status reporting, quality assurance monitoring, configuration management, risk management and security management.

Regulatory Compliance  Administer productivity and management methods such as quality assurance, configuration management, work breakdown structuring and human engineering.  The contractor shall comply with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and Federal laws and regulations that affect IT systems operations.  Examples are the Privacy Act of 1974, the Computer Security Act of 1987, and the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program (JFMIP).

Documents  Provide systems engineering support necessary to draft, review, revise and deliver documents identified within individual task orders.

NCES Development Services  Assist Service/Agencies as they transition information technology Programs of Record to use NCES services.  The NCES program will provide a set of core enterprise services that support the exchange of information between producers and consumers (human or information systems) while leveraging Information Assurance (IA)/Security and NetOps capabilities to protect the information from unauthorized use or access.  These services will allow users and information systems to find and access relevant information, expose the information they produce for others to discover, and collaborate in a more effective manner.  ENCORE II will provide engineering support for Service/Agency developers to effectively utilize the NCES core enterprise services, including:  Enterprise Services Management, Messaging, Application, Discovery, Mediation, Collaboration, Storage, Information Assurance/Security; and User Assistant.  The core enterprise services will be invoked from four major NCES product lines:  DoD Enterprise Collaboration, Content Discovery/Delivery, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Foundation, and the Defense Online Portal.  ENCORE II engineering support will provide assistance in utilizing the NCES capabilities via the four product lines. 

Data Engineering Services  The contractor shall assist Services and Agencies in implementation of the DOD Net Centric Data Strategy. The contractor shall provide support to Communities of Interest (COIs) within the Department.  A Community of Interest is one or more activities that need to share data. The contractor shall assist the COIs to identify metadata to be shared, assist in registration of metadata in the DOD Metadata Registry, and attribute or tag  metadata with information required for discovery.  The contractor shall assist the COI user groups in development of taxonomies, a means for categorizing metadata,  and integrating COI taxonomies with the DOD Core Taxonomies developed by the DOD Taxonomy Focus Group. The contractor shall provide technical assistance to the COIs to facilitate use/reuse of registered metadata artifacts in piloting activities and by participating in DOD Data Management forums such as focus groups and working groups.