Encore IIExternal Agency Ordering


  1. An external agency is any contracting office outside of DISA.

  2. For any order to be placed by External Agency, where the projected lifecycle costs is expected to exceed $10,000,000.00, approval shall be obtained from the DITCO-Scott Contracting Officer prior to the start of processing the requirement.  The Encore II vendor(s) shall also notify the DITCO-Scott Contracting Officer prior to responding to any Request for Proposal when the proposed lifecycle costs shall exceed $10,000,000.00.  The notification to the DITCO-Scott Contracting Officer shall be made via e-mail to encore2@disa.mil. For requirements expected to have a lifecycle costs of less than $10,000,000.00, there are no approvals, coordination, reporting, or oversight imposed by DITCO-Scott on external agency contracting offices.  For all external agency requirements, those agencies are empowered to place orders in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contracts, task order guidelines, the FAR, DFARS (as applicable), and their own agency procedures.

  3. The DITCO-Scott Contracting Officer will not make judgments or determinations regarding task orders awarded under this contract by an external agency contracting office.  All of the task orders are negotiable and these issues must be resolved consistently with external agency procedures and/or oversight.

  4. The following procedures apply to external agencies placing orders against this contract:

    1. The customer shall add the Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) set forth in Section B, entitled External Ordering Agency Fee, to add a 1% fee to each order placed under this contract. Modifications issued that increase the total order amount shall adjust the amount of this CLIN to account for the modification increase.

    2. NOTE:  The contractor shall reject all orders and modifications that don’t include the 1% fee.

    3. The customer shall not use any order numbers which are identified by using serial numbers beginning with 0001 thru 9999, which are reserved for DITCO-Scott.  DoD agencies should use ordering numbers as specified in DFARS 204.7004(d)(2)(i).  Non-DoD federal agencies may use any numbering system provided it does not conflict with either of these numbering systems.

Contact the Encore II Contract Officer at encore2@disa.mil with any questions about External Agency ordering procedures.