Encore IITask Area 4 - Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Improved Performance  This task area involves the use of BPR as an approach for improving organization performance and covers the range of BPR activities including services needed to implement new or revised business or functional processes arising from BPR undertakings.  The contractor shall assist the government in examining organization goals, objectives, structures/hierarchies, cultures, systems and roles for the purpose of executing a ground-up redesign for achieving long-term, full-scale integration required for the GIG or the enterprise level requirements and standards of end-user agencies.  Improving performance and reengineering processes includes services in support of, and that help shape, the direction of GIG security, including those applications and approaches to network defense required to protect the GIG from unauthorized entry and intrusions, as well as measures designed to track and prevent future damage to DoD’s communication capabilities.

Support  Implementation of leveraged web services and the provision of services in a network centric environment requires business process reengineering.  The contractor shall assist the government with the examination of organizational goals, objectives, structure/hierarchies, cultures, systems, and roles for the provision of enterprise-level requirements and standards.  For example, existing business processes must be examined and reengineered where necessary to provide for the use of a mediation service, which provides a layer of processing between information producers and information consumers.

Computer Network Defense  The contractor shall assist the government with identifying and migrating existing business processes utilizing current GOTS, COTS and by leveraging new technologies in support of net-centric services.